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Jackson International Food and Arts Festival

Raven Meadows, Contributor

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On September 30th, our city of Jackson came together to celebrate the fourth annual Jackson International Food and Arts Festival. The aim of this celebration is to recognize and appreciate the diversity that exists in our city. I had the opportunity to visit this event, and the beauty of every rich culture present in Jackson was inspiring and heartwarming.

The festival began at 10:00 A.M. and ended at 4:00 P.M. A total of twenty five countries from around the world participated as parade members, food vendors, and artists. Several live musicians and cultural performers took to the main stage to offer their patriotism through song and dance, and other participants offered their culture in the forms of artwork and food. Vendors lined the streets of downtown Jackson to give their heritage through of jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and other trinkets.

Though all of these aspects of the celebration were incredible, the most amazing part of the entire festival was the parade. Groups from each of the participating countries lined up behind one another in the street to be represented and honored by our community. Heritage and culture presented itself downtown through dance, music, and attire during this exciting event. Though some of the congregations were larger than others (namely Mexico) each country was proudly showcased. Even our very own Mrs. Ana Esquivel was an enthusiastic member of Colombia’s section in the parade.

After the parade had it’s end, Our Jackson Home held the awards ceremony for the art and poetry contest they held for this celebration. This competition is held for students in elementary through high school. Two students from Sacred Heart placed in first and second place for the high school poetry division.

All in all, the Jackson International Food and Arts Festival was a beautiful celebration that i look forward to attend in the years to come, and I encourage everyone else to visit as well. Even if you only come for the delicious food, I think anyone who has this experience will be extremely pleased.

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Jackson International Food and Arts Festival