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Tennessee Beta Convention 2017

Raven Meadows, Contributor

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At the beginning of the school day on November 16th, eighteen of our students left for Nashville with Mrs. Doumitt for the annual Beta Convention. Lasting three long, amazing days, the convention was an unforgettable experience. The first meeting Thursday night was dedicated to students campaigning themselves as state president, vice president, and secretary. Many high schools from across the state offered strong young men and women to run as our officials. Although the session ended just after ten P.M., which meant we could only order pizza for dinner (the pizza was also stolen in the lobby), the charisma and dedication all the candidates exuded was incredibly inspiring and definitely made up for our drowsiness.

Competitions began on Friday. Beginning in the morning and lasting well into the afternoon, hundreds of students entered into academic and artistic contests to be named best in the state. Sacred Heart offered contestants into mathematics, agriculture, on-site pencil drawing, poetry, creative writing, and several others. Then in the evening groups consisting of only three people up to dozens of students took the main stage to show their talents. Several groups sang and danced, but a few of the more unique performances included spoken word poetry and a cappella song. Regardless of their talents showcased, every participant blew everyone away.

On the third day, after we had all contemplated our decisions and voted, the leaders of our state were announced at the last meeting. We congratulated the winners, and then we had to go. The experience was a sad one to leave, but it only made us look forward to next year.

Raven Meadows receiving her award for second place in the poetry division!

The group before attending the Beta Ball!

After the Beta Ball!

We were all very sad to go!

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Tennessee Beta Convention 2017