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2017-2018 Staff

Nate Smothers


News contributor I am a well spirited and passionate guy. I like to cook, draw ,and spend time with my family. I have a cat named Mili, and i live at my grandparent's house. When I'm at home i like to spend time outside...

Raven Meadows


My name is Raven Meadows, and at the time of writing this, I am a sophomore contributor to Knightly News. I have a great passion for all arts, but especially theater, writing, and music. I participate regularly in Sacred Heart...

Dylan Andrews


Hi, my name is Dylan Andrews and I am a contributor for the Knightly News newspaper. I have a YouTube Channel called BudderVsGames Gaming. I like video games which most of you already know, but for others who don't know, now...

Katee Lam


I am the editor of Knightly News. I am a person of music (specifically rock and roll),and I will listen to any music from heavy metal to opera. Recently, I took up playing the bass guitar, helping me improve my interests in music...