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I am the editor of Knightly News. I am a person of music (specifically rock and roll),and I will listen to any music from heavy metal to opera. Recently, I took up playing the bass guitar, helping me improve my interests in music theory and composition. Music theory has always been in my life ever since my parents introduced me to the piano. I was somewhat unique because i would listen to what i heard on the radio and run to the piano to play it. Around age six I would sit with my dad and listen to Beethoven's symphonies and sonatas. (My favorite is symphony No. 6 or the Pastoral Symphony). I recently also took up vocal lessons. It is wonderful to sing.

My sister had always been a singer and she loved everything about the theater specifically musicals. Musicals are a combination of my three favorite things: stories, music, and art. (My favorite musical is Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.) They are able to solve a problem within a span of two hours and inspire an audience with songs and emotion. Around the same time I was experimenting with sports specifically cheerleading. I was one of the first Cheerleaders for Sacred Heart when I was around eight years old, specifically one of little knights. However, I wasn't really into sports and it didn't make me happy (still don't really like sports) so I quit. I enjoy comic books and I'm a gigantic nerd, yet I like to be classy and polite. I prefer classic and victorian styles of  clothing and furniture.because of their beautiful patterns and colors. I'm not really a person for drama or I miss it because my nose is in a book or I zone out of fights. I like situations to be mellow.

I like to read or study something I enjoy, like fantasy epics. I have always looked up to the armored hero with the sharp sword and shining shield to save the day and never back down, to have courage. That's why i love mythology and stories. Mythology interests me because the tales of heroes and villains are always  exciting for me. My favorite book series is The Lord of The Rings (I also love the movies).  When I was little, my parents always read it to me before bed and it has significant meaning to me as an individual. Collecting toys is another hobby of mine, because they're awesome and  the old X-Men figures are really fun to play with. My goal is to take this newspaper from a start up to the best it can be.


Katee Lam, Editor

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